Welcome to Melee Everyday's new digital headquarters! We are committed to providing the best resources for Smashers, so we launched this site to make it easier for you to find tournaments, video recordings, guides, and more. Although we are a young organization,  we have big plans for the future of the Midwest Melee scene. 

Be sure to take advantage of some of our new site features, such as a calendar view of tournament listings for the Chicago-land area. As for Melee Everyday in the future, here are some of our big picture goals moving forward.


We at Melee Everyday wish to foster:



There's a lot of data available out there, which can be intimidating. We demonstrate different ways to apply data and teach you how to execute these options. Smash Bros. can be a difficult game to communicate. We provide videos, gfycats, screenshots and more to help illustrate the me abstract points of the game.

  • Video tutorials on YouTube

    We will aim to cover a new topic every week!

  • Ask us on Twitch

    If you're still unsure about a technique, situation, or match-up, you can ask us during workshops that we'll host on Twitch.



Many streamers offer analyses, but no follow-up. To better facilitate improvement, we won't just analyze your match, we'll make sure you remedy your mistakes and reinforce your strengths. There are many paths to improvement, it can be confusing which to take. We will help structure your learning by offering training regiments to help improve specific aspects of your game.

  • Scheduled, structured lessons

    Lessons are scheduled ahead of time so that you can plan your tournament play and training to complement your improvement. We will review the previous lesson and have available to help you integrate the new material. This will also allow you to follow-up so that your learning accumulates.

  • We provide training resources, such as logs and charts

    To get the most out of your training, we recommend tracking your progress. This helps us figure out what to go over with you and helps you see your own improvement.




There's no practice like tournament practice. Tournaments are the best way to improve and test your training and theories. They're also the best way to meet a diversity of players, as well as top-level competitors. Our tournaments are both friendly for new players and competitive for professionals.

  • Rubicon, held in Chicago, features Top 50 players every month. Top players are the best resources for tips and advice and our tournaments are one of the easiest ways to meet them!

  • Amateur-friendly. We know play time is important to tournament-goers, especially newer players, so we feature events such as amateur brackets to help you get the most of your competition experience.