Hey everyone. I’m proud to say that I’ll be working directly with Nick Whang and the Smashing Illini to bring to you Show Me Your Moves 17! For as long as I have been playing, SMYM has been the largest, most central, most revered regional tournament in the Midwest. The tournament’s tradition long supersedes many of you, our younger generation of attendees. If you have been playing Melee for less than 3 years, you may not know the tradition and excitement that the old school players feel for Show Me Your Moves.

God bless his soul, who know’s where he is, AOB was the head organizer for SMYM back when we held it in a church on Champaign campus. We ended massive (at the time) one day tournaments with a shortage of setups before midnight every event. We actually joked about Cinderella and how the church would kick us out, but they never did. There are a few of you who’ve never experienced an AOB SMYM. There are a few of you who have only experienced the last two SMYMs. I will say it gently - those were the two slowest tournaments I have ever been to in my life. There are certainly other qualities to look for in a tournament, but time is one of the closest elements to my heart. Time is an indicator that things are going according to plan and time is simply a resource that can never be refunded. Time is also a sign of respect - a sign that the organization values your experience and wants you to be able to accurately predict your weekend.

As an organizer and community leader, I feel it is my responsibility to never promise anything that is beyond my capabilities and to hold myself to each promise I make. Many of you have been to tournaments I either own or have a direct role in. These include Rubicon, New Foes Appear, Watch the Throne, House of Paign, Wreck the Halls, Frosty Faustings, and Combo Breaker 2016. I have been a volunteer at several nationals and had a direct impact organizing/managing at Pound 2016. Some of you may remember my volunteer efforts at the last Show Me Your Moves.

With this all in mind, the Smashing Illini and myself are working tirelessly to bring to you the best Show Me Your Moves you have ever experienced. A $2000 pot bonus is being provided by the Smashing Illini, $1k for Melee Singles and $1k for WiiU Singles. Please note that this tournament is now a one day tournament, unlike last year. Last year we had over 300 unique entrants - what will this year bring?

tl;dr 1) Nick and I are hosting SMYM 2) $1k Melee and $1k WiiU singles pot bonuses by the Smashing Illini 3) 1 day event with a promised amazing schedule 4) Tradition son