• Courtyard Chicago Downtown Mag Mile (map)
  • 165 East Ontario Street
  • Chicago, IL, 60611
  • United States

Rubicon 8 (RC8) is the eighth in a monthly tournament series held in Chicago. Every tournament features a top50 player invite, amateur bracket, college student discounts, and Melee ONLY.

Thanks to you guys, Rubicon is the largest Chicago monthly of all time! Here are the Melee singles entrants # and guests of the previous RCs:

RC1 - 106, Druggedfox
RC2 - 106, Westballz
RC3 - 91, MacD
RC4 - 86, Colbol
RC5 - 100, Lucky
RC6 - 197, Silent Wolf
RC7 - 144, Axe

All previous guests have won 1st place. What will RC8 bring?

Our next guest earned 2nd place at Tipped Off 11 and is ranked #23 on MIOM 2015, please welcome, from Florida, Wizzrobe!

Please promote this to your local colleges. Discounted venue fee for currently enrolled students who bring college IDs.

Downtown / Magnificent Mile
Courtyard Chicago
165 E Ontario St,
Chicago, IL 60611

Intersection of Michigan Ave.
1 min drive from Lake Shore Drive
8 min walk from Grand Red Line
25 min bus ride from Union Station

GAMES: Super Smash Bros Melee, hosted by Vro and Goldman Snacks


Please use local parking garages and use your best judgement. I will post the best parking solutions near the day of the event. Plan to pay ~$25 minimum to park in this area.

I *strongly* suggest splitting the cost of parking or to take public transportation. Try the App SpotHero.



11:00 am - Venue Opens / Registration starts
12:30 pm - Doubles Starts
3:00 pm - Singles bracket pools start
5:00 pm - Singles bracket pools done / DINNER
6:00 pm - Amateur bracket starts
6:30 pm - Top 32 photo + bracket
10:00 pm - Tournament Ends
11:00 pm - Venue Closes

*NEW* Registration ends 15m before each event starts. We are going to be more strict with schedule starts. DO NOT message Arjuna or Cary during registration. If you are running late, have a friend pay and sign up for you. DQs are enforced 10m after your match is delaying bracket (TO discretion).

COST (Cash Only):
Venue fee: $17
Full Melee Setup: $5 discount
College ID: $2 discount
(so w/ both discounts: $10)

*NEW* The first 20 setups checked in before NOON will receive a $10 discount. Setups must be a reasonable tournament size and must remain in the venue until top32 is underway.
(so w/ both discounts: $5)

Melee Singles: $10
Melee Doubles: $5 each teammate ($10 per team)
(Ex: if you enter both events that's $15 + $17 for venue fee if you do not receive venue fee discounts.)

Amateur Bracket: $3
Eligible to those who entered Melee Singles but did not make it out of pools. Straight to bracket, double elim.

<50 entrants
50%, 30, 15, 5

45%, 20, 15, 10, 5, 5

40%, 20, 15, 10, 5, 5, 2.5, 2.5

- APEX ruleset (with a couple modifications) https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/74563582/Apex/Apex2015_Rulebook.pdf
- DK64 is banned in teams
- Semi's/Finals are all 3/5