• Michigan Union Anderson Room, Ann Arbor, MI (map)
  • 530 South State Street
  • Ann Arbor, MI, 48109
  • United States

With the release of the new Michigan Power Rankings, I present to you... Michigan Acadian 3! Brought to you by 2Shadez, Juggleguy, and Russell!

Get hyped! The Arcadian is a tournament without ranked players. That means everyone who has ever been ranked on the Michigan PR cannot compete. That also means everyone who has ever been ranked on another region's PR cannot compete.

All ranked players who attend this tournament will only be training players in friendlies, giving advice through spectating, and commentating. So join us in Ann Arbor on November 14th for an epic day of unranked Melee action!

VENUE FEE INFO: Venue fee will increase by $1 every 50 Melee Singles entrants.

SETUP REFUND: $5 per Full Setup (CRT TV + GameCube/Wii + Melee disc) that we use