• eBash Indianapolis (map)
  • 6609 E 82nd St
  • Indianapolis, IN 46250
  • USA

eBash Presents: Landlocked!
How can you drown in pools if there's no water?

$1,000 in Pot Bonuses!

Pre-Registration is open NOW at smash.gg/ll!
Venue Fee:
$10 until Feburary 1st, 2016
$15 starting February 2nd, until Registration closes on February 14th!

Bringing a set-up will get you $5 back at the end of the event!

Entry Fee:
Smash 4 Singles [Featuring a $500 pot bonus!]: $10
Smash 4 Doubles: $20 per team ($10 per player)
Melee Singles [Featuring a $500 pot bonus!]: $10
Melee Doubles: $20 per team ($10 per player)

Rulesets, Payout breakdown, and Contact Information can be found at our Smash.gg site, at smash.gg/ll

11:00AM: Check-In
11:45AM: Check-In Ends For Doubles
12:00PM: Smash Wii U Doubles
12:00PM: Melee Doubles
03:45PM: Check-In Ends For Singles
04:00PM: Singles Wave A [Both Games]
05:30PM: Singles Wave B [Both Games]
07:00PM: Singles Bracket Begins [Both Games]
11:59PM: Venue "Closes"
12:00AM: Overnight Lock-In Begins [Optional]

Other Links!
Smash.GG - smash.gg/ll
Smashboards - http://smashboards.com/threads/feb-20-2016-ebash-presents-landlocked-1000-pot-bonus-indianapolis-in.425770/