• Gamers HQ (map)
  • 34165 N US Highway 45
  • Third Lake, Illinois 60030
  • USA

GHQ Smash Presents: Wreck the Halls - Winter Smash tournament.

We’re closing down the shop to the rest of the public and turning Gamers HQ into a full on Smash venue! December 20th come compete in Smash games: Project M, Melee & WiiU. 

This all day event is sponsored by Sarpino’s Pizzeria, streamed by Melee Everyday & hosted by GHQ Smash.

Location: Gamers HQ - 34165 US Highway Route 45, Third Lake, IL. 60030 (1 hour north of Chicago, 1 hour south of Milwaukee)

Parking: if parking lot gets full, feel free to park at the plaza behind GHQ.

11:00AM - Registration
1:00PM - Melee Doubles
1:30 - WiiU Doubles
2:00PM - Project M Doubles
5:00 - Melee Singles RR
5:30 - WiiU Singles
6:00 - Project M Singles
6:30 - Ugly Sweater Contest
9:00-10:00PM - tournaments scheduled to end
10PM-1AM - hangout, practice, netflix & chill

Registration Rule: Due to time & tournament progression you may enter up to 2 singles events and 2 doubles event.

Admission: (Service fee for credit card use)
$10 Venue fee
$10 per Singles
$10 Doubles ($5 per team mate)

Payouts: (Numbers below are based on percentages)
<50 entrants
50, 30, 15, 5
45, 20, 15, 10, 5, 5
40, 20, 15, 10, 5, 5, 2.5, 2.5
(Sarpino’s Pizzeria will also be giving gift cards away to the top placing players of each game.)

Dress to Impress! Ugly Sweater contest at 6:00 PM. *Have to be a contendor to enter.* Ugly Sweater Contest will be judged by our panel of judges. 
1st place - $50
2nd place - $25
3rd place - $10

Stream: twitch.tv/MeleeEveryday

General Rules:
- Friendlies are only okay when tournaments are not going on for that game OR if it does not interfere with progression of the bracket.
- DQ's happen after 10 minutes of calling your name.
- Double Elimination without pools (We will manually seed skilled and previously high placing players. Other players will be seeded randomly)
- Doubles: Doubles is 2/3 until Finals. Winners, Losers & Grand Finals are 3/5.
- Singles: Singles is 2/3 until Semi's/ Finals. Semi's/ Finals are all 3/5.
- PM is 4 stock. Bottom row/ middle starters, middle, bottom row/ middle section starters. 
- Melee is neutrals + PS. Doubles is neutrals + KJ64.
- Smash 4: (scroll to bottom to read official rule set. (Chicago rules))

***Full Smash WiiU rule list***
Smash 4 General Rules:
-2 stock, 6 minutes will be used for singles. 3 stock 8 minutes for all doubles matches
-Custom Fighters set to OFF
-Miis are LEGAL. Miis can be made right before a set if the set needed is not already available. Miis must be made using GUEST MIIS A-F. No other mii will be allowed. You must label the mii on creation in the 4 number format to show what moveset your mii is using (ex: 2122 for a mii fighter). All movesets for miis can be selected, but equipment is BANNED.
-Uploads from 3ds are BANNED
-Amiibos are BANNED
-All sets will be best of 3. Finals will be best of 5 .
-Use of glitches causing the game to crash intentionally will result in being disqualified.
-Excessive stalling prior to match will result in a warning. DQs given out at T.O. discretion after the first warning.
-Inform a T.O. if you are going to be playing a different game. When your match is called, you will have 10 minutes before you are disqualified.
-Coaching is limited to 1 minute in between games. Anything longer runs the risk of both the coach and player receiving warnings. After the first warning, the player may be subject to a loss of game.
-SD clause: If a match ends with a bowsercide or Ganon’s Flame Choke, the win will go to the initiator of the move. -Pausing should be set to OFF. In the case that it is not and a player intentionally or accidentally pauses mid match, that player forfeits a stock
-In case of sudden death, the player with the lower percentage at time will be counted as the winner for that match. If tied, both players will play out a 1 stock match on the same stage.

Smash 4 Controllers:
-Allowed Controllers: Gamecube controller, Pro Controller, Wii mote, 3ds, Wii mote (and all wii mote attachments).
-Bring your own controller. Controllers ARE NOT PROVIDED

Smash 4 Stages
-Starter Stages: Battlefield, Final Destination, Lylat Cruise, Smashville, Town & City
-Counterpick Stage: Duck Hunt
-First stage is selected by banning in a 1-2-1 order. Rock Paper Scissors can be played to decide who bans first. Winner of RPS decides if they ban first or second. After the banning process begins for game 1, both players are character locked.
-Second game and after, the winner of game 1 gets ban. Loser selects from the remaining stages.
-You may NOT bring your opponent to a stage you have banned
-DSR is ON
-Gentleman’s Clause: Any stage may be played if both players agree to it. (includes banned stages)
-Omega clause: If selecting FD as your counterpick, you can instead select any omega. If FD is banned, Omegas are banned as well.
-FD alternative: If game 1 would start on Final Destination, players may instead request to go to omega palutena’s temple. THIS REQUEST CANNOT BE DENIED. The same clause affects game 2 and on, but the counterpicking player selects the omega.

Questions about the event, message Gamers HQ or post on event wall.