• Gorllia Games, Naperville, IL (map)
  • 256 S Route 59, Ste 124
  • Naperville, Illinois 60540
  • USA

Gorilla Games is hosting weekly Super Smash Bros. Melee Singles tournaments on Mondays! 

1v1, $5 Venue fee and a $5 entry fee. Entry fee must be paid in CASH. Venue fee can be paid in store credit, cash or credit card. Bring your own controller.

1st - 60%
2nd - 30%
3rd - 10%
If we have 20 or more entrant we will pay out to 4th place and adjust percentages.

If you bring a full setup (CRT, Consul and Game with everyone unlocked) you will get your venue fee waived. Limited to the first 4 complete setups.

-- Melee Singles: 6pm
-- $5 venue, $5 entry
-- Avg. <15 entrants

More info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1789693861259732/?ti=icl