Cary Zhang | Vro


Founder, Tournament Director, VIP Relations


Vro is a Chicago-based tournament organizer and FGC Player Manager for Tempo Storm.  He's been active in the scene for over 10 years. He mains Marth in Melee, is considered Illinois's most active player, and is ranked 3rd overall in the state. He is known for a close set with Hax at The Big House 4 and placed top 64 at Genesis 3. Chicago's largest Melee monthly series, Rubicon, was founded by Vro. Other tournaments he has been directly involved with include Eden, CEO, Combo Breaker 2016 & 2017,  Super Smash Con 2016, and Frosty Faustings VIII. Vro occasionally commentates and offers private lessons. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Game Design from Columbia College Chicago.

Stephanie Zhao | SWGMSTR




Stephanie is a Marth main who goes by the tag Swagmaster. Joining Melee Everyday in the summer of 2016, she's helped Cary and Juna create assets for various tournaments- from graphics to animations to photography. "She's just does general computer stuff" -Jakespeare.


Outside Melee, Stephanie is a graphic designer and photographer.

Brandon Amaloo | ReadBarren





Photography / Video / Media

Arjuna S. Capulong | Goldman Snacks


Broadcasting Director , Co-founder


Raised in Indiana but competing in Chicago, Juna is a newer smasher and Twitch streamer who became hooked on the Smash community after watching The Smash Brothers documentary in 2015. In Melee he mains Fox and cheers for Mang0 every time. With Vro, he started the Rubicon monthly series, which were the first tournaments he streamed. Since then he has worked on broadcasting production teams for Evo, DreamHack, Super Smash Con, Combo Breaker, and more. Though not streaming Melee every day per se, he has helped push the Melee Everyday channel to be the most active tournament stream for SSBM in the world. From School of the Art Institute of Chicago's class of 2015, he holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus on photography, video, and time-based art.




Erin Hagood | Buttercup





Melee Everyday organizes and broadcasts events around Chicago and the greater Midwest. We provide environments and resources for players to play and enjoy competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee. We seek to improve the overall quality of tournament experiences and tournament gameplay in Chicago by delivering only the very best. Melee Everyday specializes in guest relations and inviting top level players from out of region, who offer new and refreshing challenges. We also foster the growth and development of our local players with amateur brackets, private lessons, and by connecting them to other nearby players.



Melee Everyday is a grassroots organization made possible thanks to contributions from the Smash community.



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